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Hair Cut's

Men's Hair Cuts

Wet: $20.00​

Wash Cut and Blow Dry $24.00

Beard Trim: $7.00 + UP

Cut With Beard Trim $25.00

Woman's Hair Cuts

Wet: $25.00 and up

Wash Cut and Blow Dry $30.00+ 

Senior Woman: Cut $20.00+                                             Wash Cut and Blow Dry $25.00+

Flat/Curling iron $10.00+

Blow out or Wash and Set: $25.00+

Bang Trim: $10.00

Kid's Hair Cuts

Wet: $18.00+

Wash, Cut, and Dry extra




Color, Perms, & Highlights

Color  with Blow Out

Touch Up                                  $60.00+

Blow out/ Wash and set              $25.00+

Perm with Blow Out

Perm with Blow Out-                  $60.00+

Spiral                                       $75.00+



Cap                                         $60.00+ 

Foil                                          $85.00+

Single                                      $10.00

(Longer-Thicker Hair Extra)

Haircut Extra on all Chemical Services



Eye Brows- Lips- Face              $10.00 PER

Facial W/ Hot Towel                 $30.00





Full Foil Highlights                    $95.00+

Perm or Color                          $60.00+

(Hair Cut & Long Hair Extra!)

Double Process                        $85.00+




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